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Graham Irwin: My music

Here is a selection of videos of some of my music (latest additions first). My musical taste is mostly, but not exclusively, British and Irish folk, both traditional and contemporary. I have taken inspiration from Steeleye Span, John Kirkpatrick, Ian Campbell, John Conolly, Shirley Collins, The Albion Band, Fairport Convention, Strawhead, Martin Carthy and many others. I shall be adding a new video each week.

More recently I have been creating music tracks for meditation, relaxation, massage, yoga and therapy, as well as creating electronic pieces. These are included here, too.

Astral Journey - A short ambient composition played on various synth instruments. (2:12) : Watch on YouTube

Three Dance Tunes - Holborn March, Monck's March and Lilliburlero played on a variety of synth instruments. (4:40) : Watch on YouTube

The Time Of Sands - An ambient music track created by playing Sands Of Time backwards! (4:09) : Watch on YouTube

Ella's Song - An ambient, healing piece of music, composed and played on a synth. (3:21) : Watch on YouTube

The Old Oaks of Windsor - Music by Edward Loder (1809-1865) written for a poem by Mrs Healey (see below). (1:12) : Watch on YouTube

I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound - Written by Tom Paxton in 1964. (3:23) : Watch on YouTube

Brighton Camp - A traditional tune played on synth. Also known as The Girl I Left Behind Me or An Spailpín Fánach. (2:24) : Watch on YouTube

The Dark Eyed Sailor - A re-mastered version of this song. (3:49) : Watch on YouTube

Trumpet Tune - Trumpet Tune by Jeremiah Clarke (often mis-attributed to Henry Purcell), from the semi-opera The Island Princess. (2:43) : Watch on YouTube

Swarm Fuzzy - A short piece of ambient music composed and played on a synth. (16:06) : Watch on YouTube

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You can also view these videos on my Youtube channel.

And I'm on Bandcamp

Coming soon...

Captain Kidd - A popular song about the exploits of Captain William Kidd, a Scottish privateer, executed in London in 1701.

Geordie - A ballad widely known in Scotland and England, of which there are many versions.

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