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Graham Irwin: family history research list

I am also a keen family historian – when I find the time. A list of the names I am researching is given below. I am particularly keen to find ancestors of Robert Irwin (or Irvine) of Moree, Desertcreat, Co Tyrone, c. 1697 to 10 Feb 1744, who according to family tradition is said to have been descended from the Irvines of Drum, Aberdeen. However, a genealogical DNA test undertaken in 2010 shows there is no relation to Drum or any of the other main Scottish Irvine/Irving families. My Y-DNA haplogroup is R-M269; the DNA gives my origins as 100% European - British Isles 9%, East Europe 3%, Finland 0%, Scandinavia 32%, Southeast Europe 0%, Iberia 0%, West and Central Europe 56%.

Surname Dates Place(s) - GB unless otherwise stated
Aaron bef 1919 Middlesex (MDX) and Denbighshire (DEN)
Bacon bef 1866 Derbyshire (DBY) and Nottinghamshire (NTT)
Bird bef 1828 Middlesex (MDX)
Briscoe bef 1840 Middlesex (MDX)
Cole bef 1767 Berks (BRK)
Davies bef 1886 Yorkshire (YKS)
Douglas bef 1770 Liverpool (LAN) and Ireland (IRL)
Ellis bef 1771 Denbighshire (DEN)
Fell bef 1949 Yorkshire (YKS)
Field bef 1780 Hertfordshire (HRT)
Fox bef 1830 Derbyshire (DBY) and Nottinghamshire (NTT)
Furse bef 1750 Devon (DEV)
Gearing / Garing bef 1851 Middlesex (MDX) and Berkshire (BRK)
Hamilton bef 1764 Co Tyrone (TYR)
Hind bef 1817 Yorkshire (YKS)
House / Howse bef 1883 Surrey (SRY) and Berkshire (BRK)
Houston bef 1792 Ireland (IRL)
Hunt bef 1856 Berkshire (BRK) and Surrey (SRY)
Irwin all Co Tyrone (TYR)
Jones bef 1822 Denbighshire (DEN)
Lacam bef 1814 ALL
Lawson bef 1790 Yorkshire (YKS)
Lewis bef 1794 Denbighshire (DEN)
Lund bef 1741 Yorkshire (YKS)
Macaree / Macaré bef 1868 Middlesex (MDX), Kent (KEN) and France
Mann bef 1780 Ireland (IRL)
Moore bef 1720 Ireland (IRL)
Oddboy bef 1891 Middlesex (MDX), Surrey (SRY) and Kent (KEN)
Parry bef 1796 Denbighshire (DEN)
Richardson bef 1720 Ireland (IRL)
Rutledge bef 1693 Scotland (SCT) or northern England
Scott bef 1790 Ireland (IRL)
Shearsmith bef 1840 Nottinghamshire (NTT) and Yorkshire (YKS)
Simkins bef 1844 Middlesex (MDX) and Ireland (IRL)
Smith bef 1785 Derbyshire (DBY)
Sparks bef 1806 Berkshire (BRK)
Staples bef 1819 Co Tyrone (TYR) and Gloucestershire (GLS)
Swindell bef 1920 Middlesex (MDX) and Derbyshire (DBY)
Taylor bef 1779 Middlesex (MDX) and Devon (DEV)
Tufnall bef 1816 Hertfortshire (HRT) and Staffordshire (STS)
Vesey bef 1681 Ireland (IRL)
Wadman bef 1817 Yorkshire (YKS)
Wilson bef 1662 Ireland (IRL)
Wiseman bef 1842 Yorkshire (YKS)

‘Sub Sole Sub Umbra Crescens’
(increasing in sunshine and shade)

Here are a couple of incomplete and error-ridden descendent trees:

Any corrections or additions to these trees would be appreciated; just use my contact form.

Drumglass House

Drumglass House, near Dungannon, Co Tyrone; home of the Irwin family from 1764 until 1906
and before that the property of the Hamilton ancestors. Photograph taken in 1997.


Ruins and derelict buildings at Moree, Desertcreat, Co Tyrone,
believed to be the site of the home of the Irwin family in the 18th and 19th centuries.
Perhaps the arch in the foreground is part of the original house. Photograph taken in 1997.

Lissan House

Lissan House, near Cookstown, Co Tyrone, home of the Staples family for almost four centuries;
from a watercolour by John Cochrane

Arms of Arthur Thomas Irwin

The Arms of Arthur Thomas Irwin with grateful thanks to the Lord Lyon King of Arms

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