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Graham Irwin: My music

Here is a selection of videos of some of my music (latest additions first). My musical taste is mostly, but not exclusively, British and Irish folk, both traditional and contemporary. I have taken inspiration from Steeleye Span, John Kirkpatrick, Ian Campbell, John Conolly, Shirley Collins, The Albion Band, Fairport Convention, Strawhead, Martin Carthy and many others. I shall be adding a new video each week.

More recently I have been composing music tracks for meditation, relaxation, massage, yoga and therapy. These will be included here, too.

Ruby Tuesday - not a folk song; written by Keith Richards, a top ten hit for The Rolling Stones and for Melanie (3:00)

The Dancing - a contemporary song by Andy Shanks and Jim Russell, based on the reminiscences of 101 year-old Mary (4:21)

Relaxing Paul's Moon - A 12-minute track for meditation, relaxation, massage, yoga or therapy. (12:07)

The White Cockade - a common theme of a young man going off to war leaving his lass behind; sadly in this case, he doesn't return (3:32)

The Smuggler - Traditional/Ian McCalman based on a poem from A Pilgrimage to the Land of Burns by Hew Ainslie (4:53)

Three Jolly Rogues - a fun traditional English folk song; introducing the kazoo (2:24)

Admiral Benbow - one of two songs that tell the tale of John Benbow's naval victory and his demise (4:15)

There But For Fortune - by Phil Ochs, a sixties chart hit for Joan Baez (3:15)

Linstead Market - a parody of a traditional Jamaican folk song (3:34)

They'll Never Get Their Man - a nonsense song set around the Belfast linen mills; accompanied on mandolin and 12-string guitar (2:38)

Take Me To The Mothership - A little tune I composed. Played on keyboard using a metallic pad voice. What more to say... (2:31)

Star Of The County Down - an Irish ballad; words by Cathal MacGarvey (1866–1927), tune traditional (2:23)

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You can also view these videos on my Youtube channel.

Coming soon...

Remember The Alamo - an historically inaccurate song about the Battle of the Alamo by Jane Bowers (1921-2000)

The Bonny Black Hare - a slightly risqué (or bawdy depending on your point of view) British folk song, unaccompanied

Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream - An anti-war song by Ed McCurdy, written in 1950 and recorded by over 50 artists.


I have developed a simple script to aid transposing chord sequences for songs and tunes. You can try it here.

(Esc - close / k - pause)