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Graham Irwin: My music

Here is a selection of videos of some of my music (latest additions first). My musical taste is mostly, but not exclusively, British and Irish folk, both traditional and contemporary. I have taken inspiration from Steeleye Span, John Kirkpatrick, Ian Campbell, John Conolly, Shirley Collins, The Albion Band, Fairport Convention, Strawhead, Martin Carthy and many others. I shall be adding a new video each week.

Drunken Sailor - "make mine a shanty"; this one needs no introduction (2:38)

Horkstow Grange - a traditional Lincolnshire folk song, from which the band Steeleye Span took its name; the tune is called Andrew Rose (2:25)

Staines Morris - from Elizabethan times, but whether it comes from Staines in Surrey (Middlesex) is not known; also known as The Maypole Song (3:09)

The Banks Of Sweet Primroses - a traditional English folk song (3:47)

Green Stamps - a contemporary song by Anon, a parody of Greensleeves from the 1960s (2:26)

When You Were Sweet Sixteen - a contemporary song by James Thornton written for his wife Bonnie (3:35)

Lovely On The Water - a traditional English folk song on a common theme of lovers being parted by war (3:52)

I'll Try For The Sun - by Donovan (3:10)

Whiskey In The Jar - a popular traditional Irish folk song (3:46)

John Barleycorn - a traditional ballad about the death and rebirth of the Corn God, to the tune Wir Pflügen by J A P Schulz (1747-1800) (2:32)

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You can also view these videos on my Youtube channel.

Coming soon...

Pleasant And Delightful - a traditional folk song of unknown origin

On Board The Kangaroo - a song from the music hall, written in the style of a capstan shanty by Harry Clifton

Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall - by Paul Simon


I have developed a simple script to aid transposing chord sequences for songs and tunes. You can try it here.

(Esc - close / k - pause)