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What a Liberty!


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publication details

  • title - what a liberty! - a history of brickendon and its environs including wormley west end
  • author - graham r irwin
  • publisher - cityscape books
  • isbn - 9780953333196 (isbn-10: 0953333191)
  • price - £7.99
  • publication date - 22 november 2004
  • other data - paperback ~ 152pp ~ 216x138mm ~ 31 b/w photos; 1 sketch map

Cover of What a Liberty

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The print edition of the book is now out of print. An ebook edition is now available as a Kindle ebook from Amazon.

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What a Liberty! charts the history of the area that is now the civil parish of Brickendon Liberty from Saxon times, when the manor of Brikendune was held by the secular canons of what was later to become Waltham Abbey, through the creation of the Liberty of Brickendon by Henry II, to the present day. Including over thirty photographs of times gone by, it provides a fascinating and comprehensive history of this leafy corner of south-eastern Hertfordshire and draws from manorial and other original records, as well as published historical accounts and recollections of villagers past and present. The area that has been known by the name Brickendon has undergone a number of changes over the centuries; whilst some parts have been lost to Hertford other portions have been added. As a result the book also takes a brief excursion into the histories of Hertford Priory and the Broxbournebury estate.

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about the author

Graham Irwin was born in Hertfordshire in 1950 and has spent about half his life in the county, being schooled in Barnet – before it was swallowed up into Greater London – and attending college in Welwyn Garden City. He admits to having lived and worked in ‘foreign parts’ in south London and Bedfordshire, returning to his home county in 2001 and settling in Brickendon where he takes an active role in village life and the wider community. Graham was a parish councillor, clerk to two local parish councils, member of several of the village clubs and committee member of the Hertford and Ware Local History Society. He now lives in Italy, where he married, working from home writing and developing websites.

Graham is the author of three other books; A Farm of Our Own, Enlightenment for Beginners and Hoo, Howe, Ware, Wye & Wem.