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Kitty Trenire


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publication details

  • title - kitty trenire
  • author - mabel quiller-couch
  • publisher - cityscape books
  • isbn - 9780953333141 (isbn-10: 0953333140)
  • price - £8.99
  • publication date - 1 november 2001
  • other data - paperback ~ 205pp ~ 216x138mm

Kitty Trenire

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Kitty Trenire is available direct from the publisher.

An ebook version is available to read online free of charge (opens in a new tab/window).

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Kitty Trenire is a charming and engaging story that follows the adventures of a widowed doctor’s family in Cornwall at the turn of the 19th/20th century. An almost idyllic life is mixed with childhood excitement and traumas. Written in an entertaining and individual style, this book and the author deserve to be remembered. Anyone reading this story will be able to relate to each of the characters in some way, seeing in themselves or others some of the traits, desirable or not, that are exhibited by Kitty and her ‘crew’. This is a story for children of all ages and the child within all of us.

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about the author

Florence Mabel Quiller-Couch was born in Bodmin, Cornwall, in 1865, the eldest daughter of a family of five known children. Her younger sister, Lilian, also became a writer, although neither sister achieved the success enjoyed by their elder brother, Arthur – Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch, or “Q” – one time professor of English literature at Cambridge and a famous author in his day. Of the two much younger brothers very little is known.

Their father, like the father of Kitty in this story, was a doctor and they appear to have had an idyllic upbringing in Cornwall. Following the death of their father, the family moved to Oxford in 1886 where Arthur was a lecturer in classics, and in about 1900 after the death of their mother, both sisters moved to London.

Lilian married John Hay Lobban. Mabel, however, is understood to have suffered a disappointment in love and as a result never married. The sisters lived opposite one another in Hampstead for many years until, through illness, Mabel moved in with her sister and family. Mabel died on 17 November 1924 and is buried in Hampstead parish church.

Mabel had twenty-six published works, of which one was jointly written, another jointly edited with her sister Lilian.