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Alchemist’s Dream

about alchemist’s dream incenses

Alchemist’s Dream is a powerful, exciting and unique range of powdered incenses for meditation, upliftment, balance or any other purpose.

The Alchemist has created sacred spiritual blends with medieval perfumery compounds, absolutes, essential oils, resins, herbs and tinctures.

We presently have stocks of the following blends:

  • Abracadabra - manifestation
  • Aphrodisia - soul mate
  • Buddha - universal love
  • Dreams - soul’s journey
  • Equinox - spiritual balance
  • Lotus - awakenings
  • Oracle - ancient wisdom
  • Phoenix - transformation
  • Sanctuary - sacred space
  • Visions - perception.

Priced at only £3.99 the incenses come in a 2.6oz (73.7g) jar.

Please note: we have limited stocks of each blend and the Alchemist is no longer around to supply any more – when it’s gone, it’s gone. We do not have any stock of Archangel: holy guardian or Triple Moon: mystic light.

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Alchemist’s Dream Incenses are available only from cityscape books. If you wish to order a particular blend please specify which in the Special Instructions box.