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A History of Brickendon

Stratton Park Alumni

This is a list of known former pupils of Stratton Park School. Unless otherwise stated the boys were at the school only during its period at Brickendonbury. E&OE. If you have any updates or corrections please use our feedback form.

Surname First names Dates School on leaving Notes
Adams David c.1931
Adams Douglas TS -1929 Sedbergh at Great Brickhill; Exeter College Oxford; Major RM; Assistant Secretary Lawn Tennis Association
Alderson Smith G c.1918 at Biggleswade
Alderson Smith J c.1918 at Biggleswade
Ashton (two boys)
Austen-Brown John F 1936-8 Wellingborough Pilot 45 Sqn RAF served in Malaya; President of Austen-Brown Aircraft
Austen-Brown Peter H 1936-8 Wellingborough Served in the Navy as a radar operator; went to Cambridge graduated in arts
Badcock Graham c.1918 Served in the RAFVR in signals; awarded military OBE; d. 1985
Badcock Maurice C -1916 Sedbergh at Biggleswade; served in the RAFVR in intelligence; awarded military OBE; d. 1980
Bagshaw N c.1918 at Biggleswade
Barchard Christopher HB c.1928 St Edwards Oxford at Great Brickhill
Barratt Spencer RO Of the sweet manufacturer's family
Batt Michael S -1935 Sedbergh d. at Sedbergh 29 Apr 1936 from meningitis
Batt Peter D -1934 Sedbergh Major 1st King's Dragoon Guards; MC; d. 6 Jun 2001
Bayliss John G at Stanmore
Bayliss Leonard at Stanmore
Bott David AA 1938-42 Harrow at Stanmore; d. 7 Sep 1989
Bott Edward CA 1938 Harrow at Stanmore; Trinity Cambridge; FRCP; Chief Medical Officer with Metropolitan Police; CBE; d. Apr 2005
Boudard Robin 1933-8 Sedbergh d. 5 Feb 2014
Bourne J Wilfred 1931-4 Eton at Great Brickhill; became a clerk of the Crown; KCB QC; d. 19 Oct 1999 obit Times 22 Oct 1999
Bourne Robert MA 1927-31 Eton at Great Brickhill; became a master at Eton; d. 1995
Brown D c.1918 at Biggleswade
Buchanan Tommy at Stanmore
Caithness James M Campbell College Belfast at Stanmore; served with the Irish Guards and the Malaysian police; head forester in Co. Antrim; d. Dec 1995
Caithness W John 1933-8 Campbell College Belfast at Stanmore; served in the Royal Navy
Carr Q c.1918 at Biggleswade
Carruthers C c.1918 at Biggleswade
Casement Peter ?at Great Brickhill
Clouston Olaf Nephew of the headmaster
Clouston Ranald Nephew of the headmaster
Clouston Rudolph HS at Biggleswade; son of the headmaster; occasionally taught at SP; believed to have been a member of Mosley's Blackshirts; later Cpl Royal Army Service Corps; d. 4 Apr 1944 in Nigeria
Coleman (two boys) The younger was an uncle of the elder boy
Combe John R -1920 Sedbergh at Biggleswade
Comyns-Carr JB -1924 Sedbergh at Great Brickhill
Cory Hugh D -1940 Harrow Ship owner; director of John Cory & Sons
Croft J c.1918 at Biggleswade
Crofton Edward Blaise 1936-8 Royal Naval College 5th Baron Crofton of Mote; Victor Ludorum in 1938; d. 1974
Crozier John E -1939 Sedbergh Chartered surveyor; d. Feb 2001
Cullen Michael 1933-7 Marlborough
Dawkins Michael
Eden (two boys)
Elliott Robert GI -1938 Harrow at Stanmore; Corpus Christi Cambridge; Flt-Lt in RAF; Senior assistant director with Ministry of Defence
Engert Roderick M -1940 Harrow Served with US Army; Yale University; historian with US Army
Fairey Robin at Stanmore; connected with Fairey Aviation
Fairey ? Connected with Fairey Aviation
Fender Peter RK -1941 Haileybury at Stanmore; Clare Cambridge; Liveryman of Worshipful Company of Vintners; son of England cricketer Percy (PGH) Fender whose brother Robert owned Brickendon Grange
Gardner Nigel NR -1935 Sedbergh d. 1999
Graesser Noel 1938- at Stanmore
Gregory C at Stanmore
Hammersley John M -1934 Sedbergh Served with the Royal Artillery; mathematician with doctorates from both Cambridge and Oxford; Fellow of Trinity Oxford; FRS; d. 2 May 2004 obit Times ? May 2004 Independent 14 May 2004
Harmer F c.1918 at Biggleswade
Hay (two boys)
Hutchinson John AH -1939 Sedbergh Said to have been a fine mathematician; d.
Ireland D c.1918 at Biggleswade
Ireland J c.1918 at Biggleswade
Jacobs B c.1918 at Biggleswade
Jacobs F c.1918 at Biggleswade
Jacobs M c.1918 at Biggleswade
Jacobs R c.1918 at Biggleswade
Jackson Peter RW -1939 Harrow at Stanmore; Lt in Royal Fusiliers
Johnson (six boys) ?at Great Brickhill
Jones Derek B -1937 Sedbergh
Kindersley (two boys) at Great Brickhill
King R c.1918 at Biggleswade
Larner J c.1918 at Biggleswade
Lawrence at Great Brickhill
Lorant Andi Son of Stefan Lorant editor of Picture Post and widely regarded as the godfather of photo-journalism
Lotery J at Stanmore; worked at Lloyds; d. 25 Jan 1975
Lotery M at Stanmore
Maclaren at Great Brickhill
Manderson Timothy at Stanmore; lived in Taunton Somerset
Martin R Kenneth -1934 Sedbergh Corpus Christi Oxford; ordained an elder of the Church of Scotland; d.
McElwee Patrick J -1925 Sedbergh at Great Brickhill; Christ Church Oxford; taught modern languages at Blundells; d.
McElwee William L -1921 Sedbergh at Biggleswade and Great Brickhill; Major 2nd Bn 93rd Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders; MC; author
McSwiney John M ('Pat') -1934 Sedbergh Major Royal Artillery; DSO MC; schoolmaster at Harrow; d. 21 Dec 2003 obit Telegraph 12 Jan 2004 Times 16 Jan 2004
Mortis Eric A -1942 Haileybury Became a doctor of medicine in Alberta Canada
Murphy Richard c.1929
Oakley (two boys)
Pragnell Michael
Pratten E c.1918 at Biggleswade
Rankin Ian JC -1925 Sedbergh at Great Brickhill; probably related to the headmaster
Rhodes James Richard JR 1929-34 Sedbergh Queen's Oxford; served with 3rd Gurkha Rifles; taught at Haileybury; author; d. 29 Nov 2012
Rhodes James William (Bill) 1929-33 Sedbergh at Great Brickhill; a powerful sportsman; served with 6th Ghurkhas; awarded the MBE; mentioned in despatches twice; d. Nov 2005
Roche or Rock
Romer David -1942 Harrow at Stanmore
Romer R Mark -1942 at Stanmore; Corpus Christi Cambridge; Cmdr RN
Routledge Dryan C 1938 Harrow at Stanmore; Lt Royal Horse Guards
Royle Adrian F at Stanmore
Saunders Clervaux Francis M at Stanmore
Sheldon Stanley -1930 Sedbergh at Great Brickhill; d.
Simons Martin E 1938-41 Bedford Chartered Accountant with ICI corporate planning
Simons Peter JG 1940-2 Bedford Consultant physician FRCP; played a part in the introduction of legislation requiring motorcyclists to wear crash helmets; d. 25 Apr 1988
Smethurst Carl AW -1923 Sedbergh at Great Brickhill; d.
Smethurst Henry FW -1930 Sedbergh at Great Brickhill; d.
Smethurst J c.1918 at Biggleswade
Smethurst M c.1918 at Biggleswade
Smethurst William ML -1922 Sedbergh at Great Brickhill; d.
Stone Thomas S -1923 Sedbergh at Great Brickhill
Streatfeild R c.1918 at Biggleswade
Strick A at Stanmore
Sweeting Donald at Stanmore
Sykes Reginald S -1927 Sedbergh at Great Brickhill; Major Royal Army Service Corps; d. 3 Dec 1944 in Nong Pladuk PoW Camp Siam as a result of Allied bombing
Taylor ?at Great Brickhill
Tilley David at Stanmore
Tovey Alexander H -1926 Sedbergh at Great Brickhill; related to Admiral Lord Tovey
Tovey Kenneth D -1923 Sedbergh at Great Brickhill; related to Admiral Lord Tovey
Tribe Colin R Clifton College Bristol Trinity Oxford; served with Royal Army Medical Corps; consultant pathologist; d. 26 Dec 1983 obit BMJ 17 Mar 1984
Tweney M c.1918 at Biggleswade
Vignoles Charles M -1914 Sedbergh at Biggleswade; Chairman Shell-Mex and BP; OBE; governor of Sedberg School; d. 1961
Vignoles Keith H -1920 Sedbergh at Biggleswade; served in Military Intelligence; taught at Cheltenham; author; d. Jul 1991
Walker Charles c.1918 at Biggleswade
Walker Ian HD -1927 Sedbergh at Great Brickhill; Sqn Ldr RAF; accidentally killed 10 Aug 1940 while flying on active service
Wall P c.1918 at Biggleswade
Warren John -1930 Sedbergh at Great Brickhill; possibly related to the headmaster; Lieut Royal Engineers; George Medal; knighted 25 Aug 1944; d.
Welby Bernard G -1925 Sedbergh at Great Brickhill
Wheldon John -1925 Sedbergh at Great Brickhill; d. Mar 1999
Wheldon Robert -1931 Sedbergh at Great Brickhill; Balliol Oxford; Flying Officer 501 Sqn RAF Volunteer Reserve; killed 25 Apr 1942 when his Spitfire was engaged by Messerscmitts while on bomber escort duty
Williamson W c.1918 at Biggleswade
Wingate Walter R -1941 Haileybury Royal Navy 1945-8; Director G Garratt & Sons millers and bakers; d. 31 Aug 1983
Winser John F 1926-31 Sedbergh at Great Brickhill
Winser Michael P -1939 Sedbergh d.
Wright Peter M at Stanmore