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The Lucy Zone

In memory of Lucy, 25 Oct 1993 - 6 Jun 2009

a picture of me in the garden another picture of me in the garden a picture of me in the garden again

Hello, my name is Lucy; welcome to my web page. I’m a Jack Russell - JR to my friends - and I’m over 10 years old now, but please don’t tell anyone else! My birthday is 25 October if you want to send me a card. I’ve got sticky-up ears and people laugh at them sometimes, which isn’t very nice of them. I think they’re rather distinguished. I live in Hertfordshire, England, with my human, Graham; we used to live in London and before that on a farm. My favourite pastimes are walkies, chasing rabbits, hares, squirrels and pheasants (there weren’t many in London) and barking at visitors. Oh, and I love my food and having my tummy tickled. My friend Terry took the photos above; he says I’m very photogenic.

Picture of Lucy

This is my daily schedule. Although I like a regular routine I’m also fond of surprise extra walks or going for a ride in the car.

7.00am   Walkies
7.45am   Breakfast
8.00am   Sleep and guard duties
5.00pm   Dinner followed by sleep
7.00pm   Walkies followed by more sleep
11.00pm   Bed
This is where we go for our morning walks; there’s usually a pheasant or muntjac or something to chase.   My friend has installed a "cat flap" so I can get in and out of the house when he’s away for a while - he tells me it’s a "dog flap," but I ain’t stupid!
on my walks   me with my dog door

Love and licks from Lucy, xxx

About JRs

Although originally bred for fox hunting, the Jack Russell Terrier is an adaptable breed equally happy as companions or working dogs. The breed was developed in Devon, Great Britain, by the Rev. John Russell - known as Parson Jack - in the early to mid 1800s. Whilst all JRs are descended from one bitch, Trump, his breeding programme is unknown, one tradition claiming that Parson Jack completely inbred his JRs and another that there were several "bought-in" dogs and bitches. The breed was introduced in the United States in about 1960. There are a wide range of types within the breed; JRs can be from about 10" to 15" in height and may have smooth or rough coats.

Lucy supports Dogs Trust