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The Life of Barnie

In memory of Barnie 26 Jan 2011 to 7 Feb 2016

Ciao, sono Barnie. I was born on 26 January 2011 in Castiglione del Lago and I joined my English family in Paciano in March 2011. They came to see me and fell in love with me at first sight, and took me home with them. They live in a great house with lots of land and I have four feline house-mates: Bluebottle, Malteser, Giacomo and Lucy. They don’t really understand how to play with toys, although I have been trying to teach them.

There are also eight outside cats whom I tolerate. Sometimes one of the toms - Alex or Ginge - tries to beat up Malty or Giacamo and I have to go to their rescue.

I was guest of honour at my humans’ wedding in April 2012 - although I wish they hadn’t dressed me up like a big girl’s blouse.

My first job of the day is to wake my humans. An easy job you’d think but I swear they hear me walking around the bedroom and pretend to be asleep. When they do wake up Mum tickles me under the armpits and I help Dad wash and dress before we go for our first walkies and cat feeding, leaving Mum to get up - or go back to sleep, which happens sometimes!

Several times a day Dad takes me for a quick walky round the garden, which Mum calls Teddy Bears - I don't know why cos if I find a teddy bear to play with she always takes it away! They seem to have calmed down a bit, Mum and Dad. When they used to leave me alone in the house I would try to find something soft to play with or I’d rearrange the boots and shoes. They would take away any soft toys I’d found and hide them and didn’t seem pleased with my artistic arrangements. Now they’ve calmed down I’ve stopped doing it.

I like helping Dad around the place when he’s working outside.

Barnie supports Dogs Trust

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